Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time Management


I have always thought that I was efficient at using my time and felt that I was able to achieve more in my day than most people. I have come to realise that that is not the same as good time management. In this blog I will attempt to explore what I am currently doing as time management and how I could improve that to achieve a less stressful outcome.

At the moment I am still getting used to being an adult student in tertiary education. I have spent many hours trying to understand what we are expected to be able to achieve on a computer. I now have organised some peer support for that and soon should be able to complete my I.T. Induction paper. Anatomy was difficult and like a foreign language. In the beginning I understood very little and remembered even less. I failed my first anatomy assessment and was really disappointed in myself. I had to study exclusively on anatomy for three weeks over our break and managed to scrape through with a pass on our second assessment. This has given me some confidence and I am well on my way to being ready for our third assessment. I am really enjoying bioscience and like the way it is formated. It suits my learning style. I need to spend more time on practical massages and get more time logged in my massage book.

I am not in employment and have no family commitments during the week, therefore my time is my own. I do a small amount of volunteer work but that is flexible.

I plan to do two hours a day study on anatomy and keep ahead of my bioscience units. I need to plan better for when essays and assignments are due especially if I am going to need help from the learning center.

My biggest weakness is that I am a great procrastinator, but if study and polytechnic work is made a priority each day it will give it a more important focus. I work well on the basis of thirty minutes study, ten minutes for me, doing something that I like doing, then back to thirty minutes study.

I have all our elluminate session dates and when assignments are due written up on a wall calendar. I haven’t discovered how to work google calendar yet. I will plan my week on Sunday night record it on a sheet of paper and place it on my fridge door for easy reading. Each morning I will plan for what needs to be done that day. If it is not achieved that day I will carry it through to the next day.

My strength is that I am determined to succeed in this massage course and will not loose control over the study that has to be achieved. Apart from my first anatomy assessment I am not the sort of person who gets caught not having the work done. I hate the feeling of being bogged down with too much work or being unprepared.

With the stratagies I have put in place I am sure that my time will be managed in a way to allow me to study and pass this massage diploma.

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